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30 Aug 2013

New Website Design

cropped-BLC6680.jpgTake a look at my new website design barrycainphotography.com.  New larger full screen images that show all the wonderful detail.

16 Aug 2013

More from Acadia

Trying to get a good sunset is just as hard as sunrise.  Overcast and rain were in order every day I was there. Got lucky the last night.  It was still raining off to the left.last night

06 Aug 2013

Up in the air

When my whale watch / puffin tour got cancelled two days in a row I had to figure out something else to do that was out of the ordinary.  How about a ride in a bi-plane?  The afternoon flight took me down the coast of Acadia NP.  I shot out the side and between the wings and really the best view for the camera was behind me.  So a bit of twisting to get a shot.   We landed as the clouds began to build and the rain started moving in.up in the air

05 Aug 2013

Been there done that – Bass Harbor Lighthouse, Acadia NP

I was told that this is one of the most photographed lighthouses in the world.   Not hard to understand why.  A short walk from the parking lot and a climb down the rocks and you are at this view.   Some people don’t realize that it’s an easy trek.   If you go later in the day be prepared for the biggest onslaught of mosquito’s you have every seen.  Open the car door and they are in your car.  Of course in the fall it’s no problem.  I have shot at this spot twice before and there is always a slightly different angle that appeals to me at the time.


02 Aug 2013

On the Way

On the way to Southwest Harbor going south on 102 is a small museum.  This bridge is right next to the parking lot.  It’s easy to miss if you are going north.  I’ve photographed this before but just couldn’t resist doing it again.  It really gives you the small town feel for the area.


bridgeNikon D4 16-35mm Induro tripod Lightroom 5


31 Jul 2013

Getting away from the heat

I needed to get out of Dodge for a few days so I thought, why not go to the northeast where it won’t be super hot and humid like it is in Chicago.  Wrong choice, the northeast got hit with high heat and humidity  so from a temperature point of view not so good.  From a photographers point of view, Acadia National Park is always a good choice.  Normally I would go in the fall for the colors, but decided why not?

sunrise at cadillacEvery morning I got up at 4:15 as sunrise is at 5 this time of year, and every morning it was foggy with a 40mph wind.  Even on a tripod the camera vibrates so blocking the wind or steadying with your hands is essential.  A good way to check whether or not the camera is moving from the wind is to go to  Live View and check for movement, it’s really easy to see that way.  This is Cadillac Mtn. a minute before the fog rolled in and obliterated everything. More to come.

14 Jul 2013




Every once in awhile I get to photograph somebody out of the ordinary.

31 May 2013

Geyser Bubble Iceland

geyser bubbleI have never seen anything like this.  Every eight minutes or so this geyser erupts.  You can actually see the gas pressure form beneath the surface a split second before it blows.


25 May 2013

it’s Grand

Grand Canyon south rimThis shot of the Grand Canyon south rim was taken a couple years ago.  I like to go back and look at my photo collection from time to time with fresh eyes.  This was sunset right after a quick rain storm. The light was changing every 30 seconds.

28 Feb 2013

Sunset at the track

sunset at the track


More from Death Valley.  For the entire four days that I was there, I did not see a cloud in the sky.  Not a lot of interest without the clouds but you do what you can to make it interesting.  Nikon D4 14-24.