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Getting away from the heat

I needed to get out of Dodge for a few days so I thought, why not go to the northeast where it won’t be super hot and humid like it is in Chicago.  Wrong choice, the northeast got hit with high heat and humidity  so from a temperature point of view not so good.  From a photographers point of view, Acadia National Park is always a good choice.  Normally I would go in the fall for the colors, but decided why not?

sunrise at cadillacEvery morning I got up at 4:15 as sunrise is at 5 this time of year, and every morning it was foggy with a 40mph wind.  Even on a tripod the camera vibrates so blocking the wind or steadying with your hands is essential.  A good way to check whether or not the camera is moving from the wind is to go to  Live View and check for movement, it’s really easy to see that way.  This is Cadillac Mtn. a minute before the fog rolled in and obliterated everything. More to come.

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