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08 Sep 2015

The Southern Sky

While on Safari you might not think so much about the stars since standing outside in the dark is usually not the smartest thing to do.  I did get a chance at one of our location in the Okovango Delta to look at the Milky Way while a guide stood guard for me.  Hippos had just walked by.  Saw the southern cross and scorpio.  Did not recognize any other constellations.southern sky

01 Sep 2015

African Safari Video

Sometimes I forget that my camera has video capability and there are some things that just sell better than a still.  Here is some hd video I shot while on the trip.

10 Oct 2014

It’s only a few months away.

I love to see how the emotional message of a photo changes when you go from color to Black and White.  Both of the photos are the same.   What does difference say to you? _BLC1848 b&W

05 Oct 2014

The Sandhill Crane

Interesting note about the Sandhill Crane.  The males and females are virtually identical.  The way to tell them apart is the female has a higher pitched voice and is slightly shorter. BLC_8049

02 Oct 2014

Bosque del Apache

I have to get back to  this location.  A beautiful sunrise at Bosque silhouettes the Sandhill Cranes that are in abundance in late fall.  Cold temperatures in the morning with a slight breeze.  Be prepared to stand in the cold. Oh yes this is available for purchase.  Enquire for size and price.crane mountain

16 Sep 2014

It really is that color

I had mentioned in an earlier post about how strong the colors in Ireland.  I am posting these photos as an example of just that.  When shooting in RAW you need to usually make adjustments to the file to bring back some of the original color and contrast.  I did not touch the color on these photos.  In fact I had to bring some of it down so it didn’t look fake._BLC3684

28 Jan 2014

And up through the ground came a bubbling crude

Well, no it’s not oil, black gold or Texas tea.  It’s the mud from the geothermal area in Iceland.#Iceland #geothermalDSC_3756

21 Jan 2014
20 Jan 2014

The people of Paris

Over the next few days I’ll be posting a glimpse into the activity on the streets of Paris in the fall.  There is so much to see it’s mind boggling.

people of Paris-3people of Paris-2

30 Aug 2013

New Website Design

cropped-BLC6680.jpgTake a look at my new website design barrycainphotography.com.  New larger full screen images that show all the wonderful detail.