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17 Sep 2015

African Spotted Hyena

the spotted hyena is a disgusting critter.  This one is covered in blood from feeding on a Rhino.  She came down to the water hole to wash off a bit.  We could smell her from 30 yards away when the wind shifted.  Can’t even describe what she smelled like, but let’s say that skunk would have been better.spotted hyena

12 Sep 2015

A Giraffe around the corner

One of the coolest things about being on a Safari drive is that you can be driving for a half hour just looking around and then come around the corner and there are critters right in your face.  These Giraffe were just right there as we came around the bend in the trail.giraffe

08 Sep 2015

The Southern Sky

While on Safari you might not think so much about the stars since standing outside in the dark is usually not the smartest thing to do.  I did get a chance at one of our location in the Okovango Delta to look at the Milky Way while a guide stood guard for me.  Hippos had just walked by.  Saw the southern cross and scorpio.  Did not recognize any other constellations.southern sky

04 Sep 2015

Let’s Fly

While on Safari I really wanted to get an Impala in mid air.  Last day driving back to camp a group of Impala decide to jump across the road right in front of us.  Camera comes up, driver stops the vehicle and I start shooting.  let's fly

03 Sep 2015

From the air

We flew on a total of 11 airplanes for this trip.  This is the view from the small 5 seater that we took to the Kwara airstrip in Botswana.from the air

02 Sep 2015

Just Horsing Around

These African Wild Dogs were just playing around with the Zebra.  Zebra  are much to big for for the dogs to take down.horsing arouind

01 Sep 2015

African Safari Video

Sometimes I forget that my camera has video capability and there are some things that just sell better than a still.  Here is some hd video I shot while on the trip.

31 Aug 2015

African Safari in the Okavango Delta

My wife and I just visited Africa for the first time.  We were celebrating our 25th anniversary.  They say it’s a trip of a lifetime.  Hopefully it won’t be the only time I get there.  This photo is of African Wild Dogs having a little down time before going out on a hunt.  It is from the Okavango Delta area.African Wild Dogs

01 May 2015

Trip to Oregon

Last week I spend a few days at the Oregon Coast.  Started in Newport and worked my way south to the Coos Bay area.  There are many great places to stop along the way.  The D4 and D750 were the two cameras I brought.  The 80-400, 28-300, 16-35 and 16mm fisheye were all that was needed.   This was a bit of a reconnaissance trip so I know where and how long I want to spend for the next time.  There is plenty more to explore than what I did but I now have a good sense of the distances and the time it takes to drive to various locations.  If you go before the end of May you pretty much have the place to yourself.  Hardly any traffic and all the hotels are not very busy.   Get a tide chart so you know when the waves will be the most active. More later.oregon coast-5 oregon coast-6 oregon coast-7

11 Jan 2015

Waiting for Spring

Took a ride out to the Volo Bog this morning.  No signs of life other than the occasional cross country ski track. Some reeds, and canoes (different location nearby) waiting for warmer weather. DSC_9393-Edit DSC_9397-Edit DSC_9409-Edit