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19 Jul 2012

Flaps Down

Following birds in flight is one of the trickiest things to do. Shutter speed, framing, focus point on the eye.  They do slow down a bit when coming in to land.   Camera technique and a gimbal head are a must for me at least.  I know a few people who can hand hold but a 500mm can be a bit much.

09 Jul 2012

There is still room for B&W

As pretty as this is in color I think the mood is better in black and white.  View from a small island in Katmai National Park Alaska.

02 Jul 2012

Rainbow in Yosemite

If the weather is lousy go out and shoot.  I was standing in the pouring rain, camera on tripod and shooting the mood.  Didn’t expect it to stop raining and have a fantastic rainbow appear.

26 Jun 2012

Work Out

Sometimes you have to do a little work to get a shot.  Walked around a lake wearing waders and boots in knee high water over rocks and slippery mud to get to this lake.   It was worth it.  Complete silence and a few wolverine tracks.


12 Jun 2012

Katmai in the spring

Last week I was in Alaska at Katmai National Park on a photo adventure with Laurie Excell and two other photographers.  To say it was spectacular is putting it mildly.  Bears and more bears.  Eagles, otters, fox, puffins, sea lion, oh and did I say bears?  For 8 hours a day we went searching for and finding critters.   Just to be in Alaska was a treat.  The scenery alone is magnificent.    When we weren’t shooting we were talking shop, comparing equipment (always fun) and just getting to know one another.  Only took 9000 pics.  Here are a couple of shots.  More to come.



Nikon D4 500mm f4 VRII

 Nikon D4 500mm f4 VRII

22 May 2012

Nikon D4 time lapse test

It looked like it was going to rain so I thought I would get some great cloud action.  This was shot through a window.  Set the camera to run at the defaults of 1 shot every 5 seconds and ran it for about an hour.  This was the second test.  A small aperture works best to prevent flicker from the aperture variations  of each shot.  Manual focus and manual exposure to achieve the light variations.  I changed the default from 30fps to 24fps to get more time from my storage media.  It’s so easy, the camera compiles the movie and it’s ready to go.

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14 May 2012


These elusive little birds don’t sit still for a second.  Red-headed woodpecker


27 Feb 2012

Big Flakes

Last Thursday we had a little snow storm.  What wasn’t little were the size of the snow flakes.  Some easily

2 inches in diameter.   I had to try and get a few before they melted.

23 Feb 2012


Great Shoot yesterday.  Boy it was hot out.

03 Oct 2011

Good Morning

Barn Spider built this perfect web outside my kitchen window last night.