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26 Sep 2011

You Talkin to Me?

Haven’t been able to get out and shoot for a little while.  So the shot came to me today.  This Praying Mantis was clinging to a screen on my kitchen window.  I brought the camera over and he looked right at me.

24 Aug 2011

Beautiful Night


Clear skies with the sun at my back, perfect temperature, great way to ring in allergy season.

19 Aug 2011

Worldwide Photo Walk

Join me or find a photo-walk in your area.

11 Jun 2011

It’s like living in a cloud

One day it’s 95 the next day 55.  When the wind blows off the lake it’s like you moved to a different state.

D3s 28-300

26 May 2011
27 Jan 2011


It’s nothing like you have ever seen.  A winter wonderland with critters. More on my website in the Yellowstone gallery.Taken at Old Faithful D3s 500mm TC 1.7

28 Dec 2010

Bryce in Winter

We really didn’t intend on going to Bryce but the weather was so bad in southern Utah we had to go somewhere and boy am I glad.

31 Aug 2010

In Flight

Capturing birds in flight presents a number of challenges.  Shutter speeds, panning with the subject, keeping it sharp.  This was shot at Horicon Marsh in Wisconsin.

D3S  500 VR

22 Aug 2010

Dinner Time

I was up at Horicon Marsh to scout out the area before fall migration starts.  Not much going on right now.  The Egret nesting season is just ending so they were pretty much everywhere.  A couple of Sandhill Cranes showed up and a few Wood Ducks. Goldfinches were in abundance feeding on the thistle.  I watched this Egret play with the fish for about 15 minutes.   Just throwing it around until finally eating it.

Nikon D3s 500 f/4

08 Jul 2010

It’s not a bronze

Tone mapping in CS5 can take an ordinary photo and make it a bit more interesting.

[swfobj src=”https://barrycainphotography.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/BLC9716a.swf” align=”center” allowfullscreen=”true”]