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17 Feb 2016

Waiting for the right moment

If you have been to Yellowstone you know you can’t walk off the boardwalk and onto the geyser area.  In Iceland it’s a little different, at least where we went it was.  This area had very few roped-off places.   There was one vent you could actually stick your hand over,  not the smartest thing to do but you could.    This shot was taken from a roped-off area with many vents and some bubbling mud beneath the platform.  I waiting for a long time to get the steam just so it would just frame the mountain in the distance and not obstruct it.  It was one of the few clear days we had in out two week adventure.DSC_3734

05 Nov 2015

Make something from nothing in Lightroom

A couple days ago I #periscoped a tutorial on how I made a usable image from what started out as a seemingly lame shot that I took in #Africa.  It was one of the first images I made right after we got off the airplane in the #Okovango Delta.  I was really excited and just shot from the moving vehicle and was bouncing around (no smooth road there).  It was 1 pm and full sunlight, not a cloud in the sky.  Here is the replay #katch.me link  Below are the before and after.

Click the link to see how I did it.DSC_0564DSC_0563

30 Oct 2015

30 seconds is all you get

As the sun come up over the horizon you only get about 30 seconds of starburst time before it’s all gone and it’s time for breakfast._BLC4041

28 Oct 2015

Just before sunrise

About 45 minutes before sunrise at Clingmans Dome Smoky Mountain National Park.  I’ve been there a number of times and this was the first time that there was virtually no wind and it was unusually warm.  About 50 degrees.  Most of the time the wind is howling and you are freezing your butt off._BLC3967

17 Oct 2015

Running hippo in Botswana

Every time we would see hippos they would immediately run into the water.  I caught this one just before it went under.jabathehut

09 Oct 2015

Lilac-breasted roller, Botswana

The lilac-breasted roller is one of the most beautiful birds you will see in Africa.  It is quite small and very quick.  You will see many of them, but trying to catch them in flight can be difficult.  They are most spectacular while flying especially then the sun is out.roller1 roller2

07 Oct 2015

Cheetah cubs, Botswana

A few hours earlier we had sighted a mother cheetah and her three cubs.  We caught up with them again right after she killed an impala.  She was still breathing heavy, but her cubs were busy having their meal.


05 Oct 2015

Lions in action

The best wildlife photos are not static.   Tell a story.  Sometimes it’s not that easy but patience has it’s virtue as the say.  We were watching these lions for 30 minutes.  They were just laying around not doing anything.  Finally they decided to do something.  Here is the result.at play

30 Sep 2015

Yellow billed hornbill, Botswana

If the sun is in the wrong place you just do what you can to make it work.  A plus .5 exposure compensation and then brought out the shadows in Lightroom CC.  The fun part is the glowing bill from the backlight.yellow billed hornbill

29 Sep 2015

Close up texture

the Elephant is back-lit he is walking toward you.  What do you do?  Get in close to pick up the texture of his skin and the mud that is caked on him from the nearby waterhole.texture