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11 Jan 2015

Waiting for Spring

Took a ride out to the Volo Bog this morning.  No signs of life other than the occasional cross country ski track. Some reeds, and canoes (different location nearby) waiting for warmer weather. DSC_9393-Edit DSC_9397-Edit DSC_9409-Edit

22 May 2012

Nikon D4 time lapse test

It looked like it was going to rain so I thought I would get some great cloud action.  This was shot through a window.  Set the camera to run at the defaults of 1 shot every 5 seconds and ran it for about an hour.  This was the second test.  A small aperture works best to prevent flicker from the aperture variations  of each shot.  Manual focus and manual exposure to achieve the light variations.  I changed the default from 30fps to 24fps to get more time from my storage media.  It’s so easy, the camera compiles the movie and it’s ready to go.

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27 Feb 2012

Big Flakes

Last Thursday we had a little snow storm.  What wasn’t little were the size of the snow flakes.  Some easily

2 inches in diameter.   I had to try and get a few before they melted.

06 Jul 2010

Fireworks are Cool

Some trial and error yielded a few pretty good results.  I experimented with different stops from f22 down to f5.6.  I settled for f8.  Timing for holding the shutter open is critical.  I used my cable release on Bulb.  Too short and you don’t get any trails.  Too long and the fireworks explode over each other and you get a mess.  Most shots were about 4 seconds.

D3s 16-25 Nikkor

16 May 2010

Night Light

I am really having fun with the Hi ISO capability of the D3S.  Walking around at dusk shooting handheld is fantastic.

D3S ISO 6400 1/30 sec

06 Mar 2010

It ain’t over yet

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Nothing like a little frost in the morning to let you know that winter is still around. The sun was shining directly on the windows and the crystals were melting while I was shooting them.

D300 Tamron 90mm macro

07 Jan 2010

The weather outside is frightful

What do you do when it’s nasty outside?  Go and shoot.  Sometimes you don’t have to go very far.  I was running an errand and of course brought my camera.  On the way back I noticed this river as I drove over a bridge.  There was a close parking lot so I parked and found my way down to the banks.  10 minutes later I came away with a few decent shots. Quick processing in camera RAW and Nik Silver Effects Pro and voila.