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Category : Still life

27 Feb 2012

Big Flakes

Last Thursday we had a little snow storm.  What wasn’t little were the size of the snow flakes.  Some easily

2 inches in diameter.   I had to try and get a few before they melted.

16 May 2010

Night Light

I am really having fun with the Hi ISO capability of the D3S.  Walking around at dusk shooting handheld is fantastic.

D3S ISO 6400 1/30 sec

06 Mar 2010

It ain’t over yet

[swfobj src=”https://barrycainphotography.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/ice-crystals.swf” align=”center” allowfullscreen=”true”]

Nothing like a little frost in the morning to let you know that winter is still around. The sun was shining directly on the windows and the crystals were melting while I was shooting them.

D300 Tamron 90mm macro