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05 Jun 2014

Great Horned Owl

Right near the visitors center at Mammoth there was a Great Horned Owl nest.  The two sibs cuddling on a branch just outside of the nest and an adult in a tree nearby.DSC_7975 DSC_8018

04 Jun 2014

Looking for Grizzly

So I’m standing on fishing bridge in Yellowstone taking some shots of the ice still on the lake.  I look to my right and I see this grizzly running down the street when he decides to take the sidewalk that I’m standing on.  The park rangers are chasing him / her and yelling “Get off the bridge”.  So I calmly do, fortunately the traffic is stopped watching this because that’s what getting off the bridge means.  Go stand in traffic.  I got these three not so great shots of the bear running by.DSC_7818 DSC_7822 DSC_7823

03 Jun 2014

Yellowstone National Park magic

_BLC2552_3_4 DSC_7632

I was in Yellowstone for four days last week.  Never enough time but boy can you see a lot in a short period.

Saw – Bison, Elk, pronghorn, bighorn, coyote, fox, great horned owl right at the visitor center had a nest got two babies in a tree, grizzly w/cub, black bear w/3 cubs, Stayed in Gardner 5 miles north of the north entrance.  Great place to stay if you don’t want to be close to Old Faithful.  But being there for critters, the north side is the place to be.  The lodge at Canyon Village is also a good location and looked brand new and had just opened this past weekend.

29 Jan 2014

The Cave

This is a natural underground hot spring in Iceland.  Climbing around a cave with snow, ice, tripod and camera trying not to fall in the water or bump into another photographer.  What fun.  No that’s not a reflection, the water is crystal clear.#Icelandcavepano

24 Jan 2014
18 Jan 2014


Reykjavik Iceland

At the docks they were painting one of the fishing boats.  I guess this guy was on a break and thought it was a good idea the flick his cigarette.


21 Oct 2013

More Francais


From behind the clock of the Musee D’orsay In Paris you can see the Louvre.  If you walk through all of the exhibits at the Louvre it’s the same as a half marathon (13 miles).


_7100821-EditThe view from atop Sacre Coeur One of the best views of the city.

20 Oct 2013

Back from France

I just got back from a trip to France.  Paris and Provence to be exact.  It was a vacation on not a specific photography trip.  But there’s no way I’m going anywhere without a camera.  I took the D7100.  Lightweight, hi res and pretty good in low light.  All of my photos were hand-held.  Next time I will definitely bring a pedometer as I walked enough to compensate for all of the food I ate.  I’m currently going through croissant withdrawal.  First stop, Notre Dame Cathedral Paris._7102253-Edit _7100713

16 Aug 2013

More from Acadia

Trying to get a good sunset is just as hard as sunrise.  Overcast and rain were in order every day I was there. Got lucky the last night.  It was still raining off to the left.last night

06 Aug 2013

Up in the air

When my whale watch / puffin tour got cancelled two days in a row I had to figure out something else to do that was out of the ordinary.  How about a ride in a bi-plane?  The afternoon flight took me down the coast of Acadia NP.  I shot out the side and between the wings and really the best view for the camera was behind me.  So a bit of twisting to get a shot.   We landed as the clouds began to build and the rain started moving in.up in the air