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05 Aug 2013

Been there done that – Bass Harbor Lighthouse, Acadia NP

I was told that this is one of the most photographed lighthouses in the world.   Not hard to understand why.  A short walk from the parking lot and a climb down the rocks and you are at this view.   Some people don’t realize that it’s an easy trek.   If you go later in the day be prepared for the biggest onslaught of mosquito’s you have every seen.  Open the car door and they are in your car.  Of course in the fall it’s no problem.  I have shot at this spot twice before and there is always a slightly different angle that appeals to me at the time.


02 Aug 2013

On the Way

On the way to Southwest Harbor going south on 102 is a small museum.  This bridge is right next to the parking lot.  It’s easy to miss if you are going north.  I’ve photographed this before but just couldn’t resist doing it again.  It really gives you the small town feel for the area.


bridgeNikon D4 16-35mm Induro tripod Lightroom 5


31 Jul 2013

Getting away from the heat

I needed to get out of Dodge for a few days so I thought, why not go to the northeast where it won’t be super hot and humid like it is in Chicago.  Wrong choice, the northeast got hit with high heat and humidity  so from a temperature point of view not so good.  From a photographers point of view, Acadia National Park is always a good choice.  Normally I would go in the fall for the colors, but decided why not?

sunrise at cadillacEvery morning I got up at 4:15 as sunrise is at 5 this time of year, and every morning it was foggy with a 40mph wind.  Even on a tripod the camera vibrates so blocking the wind or steadying with your hands is essential.  A good way to check whether or not the camera is moving from the wind is to go to  Live View and check for movement, it’s really easy to see that way.  This is Cadillac Mtn. a minute before the fog rolled in and obliterated everything. More to come.

31 May 2013

Geyser Bubble Iceland

geyser bubbleI have never seen anything like this.  Every eight minutes or so this geyser erupts.  You can actually see the gas pressure form beneath the surface a split second before it blows.


25 May 2013

it’s Grand

Grand Canyon south rimThis shot of the Grand Canyon south rim was taken a couple years ago.  I like to go back and look at my photo collection from time to time with fresh eyes.  This was sunset right after a quick rain storm. The light was changing every 30 seconds.

01 Feb 2013




Beautiful sunrise at Zabriski point.  Lots of shooting can be done way before the sun comes up at this location.  The rock textures are great.  Example will come tomorrow.

26 Jun 2012

Work Out

Sometimes you have to do a little work to get a shot.  Walked around a lake wearing waders and boots in knee high water over rocks and slippery mud to get to this lake.   It was worth it.  Complete silence and a few wolverine tracks.


08 Jan 2010

Costa Rica

[swfobj src=”https://barrycainphotography.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/frogsm.swf” align=”center”]

I am finally getting to post about our trip to Costa Rica.  We stayed in two areas.  On the Caribbean side in Tortuguerro and on the Pacific side in Quepos.  Tortuguerro is an area famous for it’s Sea Turtle nesting area, hence the name.   While strolling the beach you can see the many abandoned nests since the season is pretty much over by the end of November.  We did catch one nest with a few baby turtles making their way to the sea.   This is a rainforest and travel through the area is by water taxi.   We took two boat tours of the canals in search of wildlife.  Many different birds, monkeys, and lizards were easily viewed.   Shooting was difficult as it was very overcast and dark.  It was high ISO time for sure.  The guides were very knowledgeable and this is no place to try going on your own.  It is very easy to get lost in the maze of canals.  We stayed at the Laguna Lodge.  This is supposedly one of the best in this area.  Not bad if you don’t mind high humidity and no air conditioning.   The food was tolerable but not great.  The people in this country are just great and very willing to please.  Prices are very reasonable for everything and they take dollars everywhere.

Out next stop was Quepos.  If you are traveling within Costa Rica I would recommend flying instead of the bus rides offered by many travel groups.  The roads are pretty bad and a 25 minute plane ride beats a 3 1/2 bus ride any day.  The only downside is the 30lb luggage weight limit on the small 14 seat twin-turbo props.  Quepos is near Manual Antonio Park which is right on the ocean and another good place to view wildlife.   It is also not too far from a whitewater rafting area.   We stayed at the Hotel Costa Verde which I highly recommend.   The rooms were large and were more like a suite with a King and double bed, a small kitchen, balcony and air-conditioning.  The food at the restaurants was excellent and nearby restaurants were excellent as well.  Costa Rica experts put our package together and did a great job with our transportation, flights and touring.

21 Oct 2009

Next Trip

One week to go before my next trip to Arches. Can’t wail.

12 Jul 2009

My New Book

I have created a book containing the best of my travels around to country. It is available for purchase at blurb.com