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The Cliffs of Moher

As a photographer we always want the early morning and late afternoon light.  In this case it was a financial advantage to get here late.  The Cliffs of Moher is a must tourist destination in Ireland.  As such ti’s an opportunity to buy lots of stuff.  So they have a wonderful parking lot that you have to pay to get in and a bunch of shops on the way to the Cliffs to purchase all the souvenirs you would ever want.  My souvenir is the photography.  Get there after 8pm and the lot is no longer manned and you can park without a fee.  The shops and yes the washroom is also closed.  But you can walk the cliffs and take as many shots as you want until the light is gone.  I went back two nights (like you do) to hopefully get some sunset color.  The first night not so good.  There was another photographer   there who had come 10 times and hadn’t got a sunset.  Fortunately the second night I got a pretty good one, not the best but definitely workable.  We also had taken the boat tour of the cliffs.  I was assured that the water was smooth as glass.  Not the case and not the greatest time of day so those photos will be left on my hard drive and not for public consumption.  The view was pretty amazing though, you really get to see how massive the cliffs are.Cliffs of Moher _BLC3571

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