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12 Jun 2012

Katmai in the spring

Last week I was in Alaska at Katmai National Park on a photo adventure with Laurie Excell and two other photographers.  To say it was spectacular is putting it mildly.  Bears and more bears.  Eagles, otters, fox, puffins, sea lion, oh and did I say bears?  For 8 hours a day we went searching for and finding critters.   Just to be in Alaska was a treat.  The scenery alone is magnificent.    When we weren’t shooting we were talking shop, comparing equipment (always fun) and just getting to know one another.  Only took 9000 pics.  Here are a couple of shots.  More to come.



Nikon D4 500mm f4 VRII

 Nikon D4 500mm f4 VRII

14 May 2012


These elusive little birds don’t sit still for a second.  Red-headed woodpecker


23 Feb 2012


Great Shoot yesterday.  Boy it was hot out.

03 Oct 2011

Good Morning

Barn Spider built this perfect web outside my kitchen window last night.

26 Sep 2011

You Talkin to Me?

Haven’t been able to get out and shoot for a little while.  So the shot came to me today.  This Praying Mantis was clinging to a screen on my kitchen window.  I brought the camera over and he looked right at me.

24 Aug 2011

Beautiful Night


Clear skies with the sun at my back, perfect temperature, great way to ring in allergy season.

19 Aug 2011

Worldwide Photo Walk

Join me or find a photo-walk in your area.

11 Jun 2011

It’s like living in a cloud

One day it’s 95 the next day 55.  When the wind blows off the lake it’s like you moved to a different state.

D3s 28-300

26 May 2011
28 Dec 2010

Bryce in Winter

We really didn’t intend on going to Bryce but the weather was so bad in southern Utah we had to go somewhere and boy am I glad.