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Arizona is a wonderful state with so much to see. Last week I visited Sedona, Grand Canyon, Monument Valley and Canyon DeChelley. This has been an unusually cool spring for the area so the weather was fantastic. I have been to the Grand Canyon before and was looking forward to Monument Valley. The big surprise was Canyon DeChelley. There are two roads you can take to view the Canyon from above. One on the north and the other on the south, with various lookout points along the way. For a more unique view from inside the canyon be sure to hire a Navajo guide and have him take you in his own 4-wheel drive vehicle. It is worth it to have him drive. The guide was very willing to stop anywhere I wanted in order to take some photos. The trip lasts about 3 hours but you can pay extra by the hour if you need it. There are still about 40 Navajo families living in the canyon.

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