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Category : Africa

03 Sep 2015

From the air

We flew on a total of 11 airplanes for this trip.  This is the view from the small 5 seater that we took to the Kwara airstrip in Botswana.from the air

02 Sep 2015

Just Horsing Around

These African Wild Dogs were just playing around with the Zebra.  Zebra  are much to big for for the dogs to take down.horsing arouind

01 Sep 2015

African Safari Video

Sometimes I forget that my camera has video capability and there are some things that just sell better than a still.  Here is some hd video I shot while on the trip.

31 Aug 2015

African Safari in the Okavango Delta

My wife and I just visited Africa for the first time.  We were celebrating our 25th anniversary.  They say it’s a trip of a lifetime.  Hopefully it won’t be the only time I get there.  This photo is of African Wild Dogs having a little down time before going out on a hunt.  It is from the Okavango Delta area.African Wild Dogs