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Tag : Birds

23 May 2009

Look who’s been eating the Woodpecker suet

I have been replenishing the Woodpecker feeder daily and haven’t seen one in about a month. This morning I finally found out who’s been eating it.

24 Apr 2009

in my own backyard

I recently set up a bird feeder in my backyard. We have a large variety of birds in the area but they never stay still long enough or in one area in order to get a shot. The bird feeder is the solution. I attached a number of branches to the feeder so my shots don’t include the feeder itself. After only a day in the yard I have, goldfinches, house finch, cardinal, redwing blackbird, and a woodpecker. Didn’t get a shot of the woodpecker though. He was here and gone in about 3 seconds.

24 Mar 2009


Sometimes you just get lucky. We were out on an excursion on our Alaska cruise and caught this eagle snatching up his dinner. The eagle was actually swimming ashore with the fish before it got up to this rock to rest for a few minutes.
D300 70-200VR 1.7 TCE
11 Feb 2009

Bosque del Apache

Here are a few shots from my trip to Bosque del Apache in November. It gets pretty cold at Dawn in New Mexico. It was the official Sandhill Crane week. We had the opportunity to listen in on a lecture about the Crane’s behavior. They have a particular posture just before they are going to take to flight. This is very helpful information when setting up your shot.

D300 500VR